RORBO FLOOR HEATING SYSTEM offers full-service:

1.             Individual design of the floor heating system that includes precise estimate of necessary materials such as length of pipes, amount of aluminum sheets.

2.             Custom manufacturing of the floor heating system including base elements, aluminum sheets, pipes and an assembly plan.

3.             Delivery of ready-to-assemble end product to the customer.


 During the project development phase the client provides precise information concerning project details, including the size of the space and floor shape. On the basis of this information a custom project is created assessing the necessary amount of floor heating elements, their size and shape, as well as the total length of pipes and amount of aluminum sheets. Simultaneously with the project an assembly plan is created. 

RORBO manufacturing 

RORBO floor heating system base elements are standard parts sized at 600x600mm, 600x800mm, 600x1000mm and 600x1200mm. At RORBO we have carried out research that these sizes are the best for manufacturing, packaging and assembly purposes. At RORBO we have developed 12 base elements, which are RORBO standard and are used for more effective and faster floor heating system design and manufacturing. Depending on the project specifics and the degree of complexity RORBO floor heating system has 70-80% standard parts and 20-30% non-standard, individually manufactured parts. Each part is marked with a number corresponding to the assembly plan thus making the system easy to assemble. At RORBO we calculate the precise number of aluminum sheets and length of pipes, ensuring that the client is making savings and not purchasing excessive materials.

RORBO is the best choice because unlike standardized products, which often result in 20% leftover materials (base, pipes and aluminum sheets) and unnecessary spending for clients, RORBO products guarantee savings and precision. 

RORBO product and it’s use

RORBO ensures delivery of ready-to-assemble end product to the client. Client has to arrange the heating elements according to the assembly plan, insert aluminum sheets and attach the pipes. The assembly plan allows the client to complete the installation of the floor heating system without specific knowledge and training, only leaving the attachment of the pipes to the professionals. 

RORBO team has done all the necessary preparations before the end product is delivered to the client. That includes all the calculations, development of the individual project design, manufacturing of the heated floor system, supplied the necessary amount of aluminum sheets and pipes. Furthermore the end product includes an assembly plan. It is important to note that RORBO has done all the preparations for the client therefore the client must simply follow the instructions thus ensuring efficiency and savings. 

RORBO heated floor system can be put to use in all floors above the ground. Usually the system is set up above the black floor. Above the RORBO heated floor system a client can install two layered or three layered wood planks, tiles, laminate as well as other materials, in combination with a corresponding interlayer. The thickness of RORBO system base elements is 22mm and the pipes are inserted in these elements. The aluminum sheets are 0,2mm thick.